This trial has ended.

We’ve reached the end of the first RailPlus Club trial.

Over the last four months, we’ve enabled thousands of journeys, helped hundreds passengers back onto the railways and given out a barrel load of vouchers and rewards!

Your participation and valuable feedback has helped to make the case for a national rewards platform to encourage sustainable travel.

Over the coming months, we’ll be working hard to convert this demand into a permanent home for RailPlus Club.

If you’d like to support that effort, feel free to drop a note to your local train operator, or to Great British Rail- their contact details are below. It would make a huge difference if you mentioned that you’d like to see the RailPlus Club trial made permanent.

We’ll hang on to your details and drop you a note when we have further news*.

Thanks for all the hard work and the trips taken!

Best wishes

The Rail+ Club Team

PS: If you have any unclaimed rewards, or support requests, we’re still here to help: just head to the ‘Help Centre’ section of the App.

Contact information – request an extension of the trial

Great British Rail: contact page

Thameslink: contact page

Great Northern: contact page

* – you’ll be able to unsubscribe at any time, and we won’t share your details with any third parties